Caffè Roma™

The Caffè Roma™ brand is synonymous with years of experience. The new brand has been developed with a defined objective – to offer to bars and coffee shops around the world the possibility of satisfying customers with an espresso characterized by a unique taste and superior quality, consistent with the highest standards of the ‘Made in Italy’ label. But Caffè Roma™ is not only a top quality espresso. Coffee pods and the Gran Crema Caffè Roma™ have been added to our offer. While coffee pods allow our customers to enjoy our product in their homes and offices, La Gran Crema Caffè Roma™ is a big success especially during the summer: this product, whose recipe has been developed and refined with years of research, is the most appreciated by all our customers.
Still today, we can be considered a family-owned company, even though we are present in national and international markets, where our presence is particularly relevant especially in the United Arab Emirates. The expansion and growth of these last years testifies to the dedication given to the research and development in perfecting our processes, and the constant striving for the best quality. We are also proud to have been awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 and IFS Food certification, also as result of the attention and emphasis that we put on what we consider one of our most precious resources – our employees all around the world.

The company has been operating in the coffee market for more than 10 years. We have always distinguished ourselves because of the emphasis that we place on transmitting the passion for coffee, first of all, to our collaborators.

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An enthusiastic journey to discover the origins of coffee in an effort to select the best varieties all around the world – this is the starting point of the life cycle of Caffè Roma™. The individually
selected beans are not only the result of automated processes, machines and calculations but also reflect the natural aromas, faces of people, and cultures of the distant lands of origin, such as Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya, India, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

The entire lifecycle is subject to rigorous monitoring: the agricultural product is acquired directly from the cultivators from countries of Central and South America, the Africa continent and India. Each stock is carefully screened for ochratoxin, and the taste is constantly evaluated in laboratory tests.

The endpoints of our distribution network, either in Italy or in the world, are exclusively Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops (Ho.Re.Ca Channel). This choice reflects our desire to avoid direct distribution to a mass consumer base, and also gives us a way to concentrate our efforts on the kind of customers that have fueled our growth over the years.

Our customers are carefully selected and we build reciprocal, ethical relationships with them by assuring a high-level of technical support.

Italian roasting

For many, coffee roasting is an art. For us at Caffè Roma™, it is even more: coffee roasting is the application of advanced processes at the cutting edge in the selection of beans, in monitoring the appropriate level of roasting and subsequently, in the process of cooling down cooked coffee (“cotta”), as well as other variables that influence the final product. The roasting is achieved by exposing the coffee beans to hot air (240 degrees Celsius) while they are gently agitated in special containers. The main changes that take place in the beans during the roasting are: weight loss, due to water evaporation and other volatile substances; volume increase compared to the raw product; acquisition of the
characteristic brown-black color resulting from the carbonization of cellulose and caramelizing of sugar; the appearance on the beans’ surface, of a dark oil (caffeine) that determines the characteristic aroma; and last but not least, a slight loss of caffeine content due to the heating.

The higher the roasting temperature, the more relevant is the loss of caffeine contained in the beans. In Italy, coffee is roaster at high temperatures. As a consequence, the final product is very aromatic and with a lower caffeine content compared with the coffee from other countries.

Roasting can increase the friability, rendering the product more easily grounded, but it also increases the capability of adsorbing water. For this reason, coffee, and even more so, grounded coffee, is preserved in vacuum packaging. The outline of the roasting process as given above does not put in evidence the human factor that intervenes and collaborates in this process and is critical to the final result. The art of creating prestigious and successful blends relies on professional coffee tasters who evaluate the coffee before and after roasting, and use their know-how and experience to define the optimum mix for achieving the desired taste.

This is one of the more complex steps in our process, requiring technical capabilities and also a special attitude for research and experimentation. The achievement of the ENI UNI ISO 9001 certification was the result of the effort and attention that we in Caffè Roma™ put in the creation of our blends. The coffee culture finds its maximum expression in the preparation of the blends. By mixing types of coffee coming from different countries and with varying qualities and characteristics, it is possible to achieve a more delicate taste and a harmonic flavour. Among the most used types, the Arabica varieties have a content of caffeine from 1,1 % to 1,7% to the robusta, from 2% to 4,5%.
The equilibrium of a perfect roasting process depends on two variables: time and temperature. Controlling these two variables requires relevant investments: only then the final result is undoubtedly unique.

The preservation

The coffee can be preserved in the atmospheric environment, for example in a bag, but the flavor is almost completely dispersed after two weeks; using nitrogen can prolong the lifetime up to two years. Roasted coffee has to be preserved by using vacuum packaging to maintain all the bioelectrical properties.
A refinement of the process of using vacuum packaging adopted to preserve coffee beans consist in using the continued use of vacuum confections but equipping them with a special unidirectional valve, that allows the dispersion of gas produced inside the confection.


The blends of Caffè Roma™ contain a large number of ingredients carefully combined.

We select both the ‘Arabica’ varieties, characterised by an intense and in the same time delicate taste, with low acidic and caffeine content , and the best ‘robusta’ varieties characterised by a stronger taste and a higher caffeine content.

The varieties of our blends have been individually roasted and then mixed in well balanced proportions.

The characteristic and taste of our blends are constantly monitored by our experts to insure a consistent flavour and also to capture opportunities for improvements.

Each confection of our product includes an exhaustive description of all the ingredients, comprensive of the origin of the ingredients used, to offer a complete and transparent information to our customers.

All our products have been created to satisfy our internal market, but also to be present in the international market with something unique and original, but still very well suited to satisfy the taste of a large customer base.

Whole beans coffee

Full-bodied coffee blend from markedly darker roast and hints of chocolate. The high percentage of excellent Robusta from India determines the characteristic strong and straight taste: the coffee which is obtained is creamy, and characterized by a very soft feel on the palate.

A perfect blend that combines the Arabica from South America highlands to precious robusta beans from India, Africa and the Far East, giving life to a coffee that combines perfectly aroma and body to better meet the typical Italian espresso taste.

The Arabica beans from Colombia, which give intense sweet taste and low acidity and the quality from India, which give flavor notes .The result is a sublime blend suited to the most demanding palates, thanks to an experienced and gradual roasting.

Caffè Roma™ Pods

With 7.5 grams of coffee in each pod is basically the espresso coffee of your favorite bar. Even the pods are packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Caffè Roma™ Capsules

The espresso par excellence, creaminess and unmistakable aroma make it unique and available at all times and in a few seconds. The capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere and are compatible with machines for household use at Nespresso brand.

Caffè Roma™ Gran Crema Caffè

The Gran Crema Caffè Roma™ is the result of our best efforts in research and development. Soft, dense and tasty, it has no equal and the signature flavour of Caffè Roma™ can be found in each sip.


Coffee cream – soluble preparation for professional use.
Powder produced in Italy by Caffè Roma™.
Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, powdered milk lyophilisate coffee, emulsifier (E401), thickners (E412)
Confection: a triple layered aluminium bag. Net weight: 1000g

Caffè Roma™ Energy Ginseng

The taste of Caffè Roma™ together with the energy and the power of the Korean Ginseng!




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